Each customer is greeted first by our attentive project managers, who listen to customer’s wishes and advise on the most appropriate solution for each specific project, taking into account the customer's requirements for quality, deadline, etc. The project manager then hands over the translation task to a team of translators and editors, settles all questions raised and ensures that all the customer's instructions are followed. The project manager's task is to deliver the translation to the customer on time and in accordance with the agreed specification.


Our qualified and experienced translators and editors are at the heart of what we do. Because of their wide range of languages, experience and specialisations, and their thorough and timely work, our customers return again and again. All our translators and editors use various software particular to translation, learn quickly and respond to tasks swiftly. This enables us to fulfil tasks of varying scope and complexity, all according to customers’ needs.


We would also like to mention our translation subject matter experts. These are the specialists we contact when we need an objective review of a translation, or advice on how to better render a specialised term. Our translation subject matter experts always have the answers when the dictionaries don’t!