About us

Transer Bureau of Technical Translations began business in 2005 as a group of translators, all with different areas of expertise, and all with translation experience. We specialise in technical translations – many of our clients are Lithuanian and foreign, multinational companies. We translate user instructions of all levels of complexity, we engage in localisation projects and we translate large-volume texts in a very short turnaround time. It’s this kind of drive that motivates us to keep our skills up to date and sharpens our edge in the market!

Through our long-term relationships with clients and their various projects, we have developed a professional, polished approach to translation. We constantly strive to raise the bar in improving our own performance. Not only do we carry out the translation requested by the client, but once it is complete, we take it back and check it against the original so that we can be sure that we are providing you with the best possible translation. Quality doesn’t just happen at the end – we ensure accuracy and high-quality work from the beginning.

Our primary goal has always been to provide our customers with high-quality, accurate and swiftly completed translations.

If you need an important technical or legal document translated, let the professionals look after it for you – it’s in safe hands.